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Welcome to Chaidim.

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Chaidim is specialized in Tea. Organic Tea.

Tea such as Oolong tea, Black and Green tea, but also tea related products, natural body care and boosting aliments. Discover unique aromas, and great natural flavors from Thailand, China and Japan to spice up your lifestyle.

To add to the oriental experience, Chaidim supplies authentic tea ware for the newly introduced to the mystical world of tea, sublime hand molded pieces for the connoisseur and unique artistic raku for fervent collectors.

Naturally, we fully support the use of organic body care products such as toothpaste, soap, shampoos, creams, balms, etc…. We believe in the reduction of unfriendly chemicals in our daily consumption of body care, not to mention our diet.

So, in addition to tea and natural body care, Chaidim, in partnership with organic farmers in Thailand, produces macrobiotic food, organic boosting vegetables and fresh exotic fruits. Our Organic selections, taking their roots in sustainable agriculture, are rich in vitamins, polyphenols, tannins, flavonoids, high-fibers, unsaturated oils and micronutrients. In other words, true “bombs” of explosive benefits waiting for your cooking talents.

But enough talk now, let’s boil water, and share a real cup of T ….

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